I am having an issue with the DCOM connection between QuickTest and Test Director. Many times when starting QT I get a message that the shared OR stored in TD cannot be accessed. I need to select per test OR to start the tool. I can then go in to the TD connection setup. I am connected to TD but not to a project even when I have selected the options to retain the TD password and reconnect @ startup. This is not to big a deal as I am sitting in front of the machine. More of just an annoyance.

The true problem presents itself when running test sets from TD. If QT is already running and logged into TD as a different user other than the credentials of the TD user starting the new Test Set run. QT will throw up this "Failed to create Test" error trying to log into TD with the new user credentials. I found a KB article on mercury's site describing configuration of the DCOM connection for Test Director. This seems to have worked but only for the user who is logged into the local machine when I set it up. If we log into the machine with another team members login then we continue to have the problems. I cannot be expected to request administrator rights for every team member for every Test machine and configure multiple user accounts on multiple machines to solve this problem.

Has anyone found a solution to this that will allow me to run test sets under multiple user id in TD and on multiple machines that could be logged in as any of our team members.

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