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    Text Check Point in Terminal Emulator


    I am using QTP 6.5 with Terminal Emulator(TE) add-in.I am using Extra Enterprise 7.0 given by Attachmate Corp.as my TE to connect to MainFrame.I think the TE that I am using does not support HLLAPI (High Level Language Application Program Interface). I am unable to keep either Text check point or text area check point on the screen of TE to validate some data displayed on TE. I will be thankful to you if anybody can help in this matter


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    Re: Text Check Point in Terminal Emulator

    Kishore -- Attachmate does support HLLAPI. The most common issue I have seen in setting this up is not configuring the Short Name in the emulator. QTP is looking for Short Name "A". This is a configuration setting you will need to make in the Terminal Emulator, Attachmate, not in QTP.

    I have not done a ton of TE work, and it has been a while, so you will need to check the help files to double check this, and each TE program has this option in a different place, so you will need to check Attachmates documentation as well.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Text Check Point in Terminal Emulator

    David--Thanks a lot for replying to my question.
    well,my Terminal Emulator(TE) has been configured to short name "A" but still I am unable to Get Text from the TE screen. It would be great If you can tell me how to Get Text from TE using QTP.



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