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    Saving Active screen Files


    I recorded a script, While trying to save the same it popups an alert message like
    " If u do not save the active screen files for your test, you will not be able to perform any test editing operations from the active screen "

    But i am getting this error only for few scripts
    is any settings to be changed to overcome this.

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    Re: Saving Active screen Files

    Nothing to worry about it Chaitanya. This error message comes based on the "Save Active screen files" selection in SAVE dialogue box. If u uncheck this option an alert as u said comes.

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    Re: Saving Active screen Files

    Thanks, But the thing is While saving i didn't see any check box like "Save Active screen files"
    can u say which option has to be set to get that check box.

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    Re: Saving Active screen Files

    For existing scripts, if you perform a File > Save As instead of a File > Save you will get the SAVE dialogue box mentioned in the srilu's post and you can reset the "Save Active Screen files" checkbox.

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    Re: Saving Active screen Files

    I have the same problem. I have to close QTP and Open Again. Before I start recording I check if the save as check box Exist.So I create the file. then I start record.

    Until now, I don't know why I have this problem.



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