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    multiple browser objects...

    hi all
    I'm WR cps and very new in QTP.
    I'm learning the tool alone by implementing recording scenarious on my web application.

    1. after i finish recording i see in the objet repository that,more than one window with the same name and "_index".

    is there any option to set the indentifying criteria for window during runtime??

    how do i handle all these windows...anyone have a procedure which solving this issue.

    2. QTP doesn't recocnize a popup window during recording and he put his object under the father window....but when I'm using the object spy , it recognize the popup as a window.
    what can i do about it??

    i'll appriciate any help guys..


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    Re: multiple browser objects...

    You should use shared repository.
    Then, you will not see repeatable and nasty
    names of the same object in the script and in the Repository...
    Even after rerecording - QTP will put
    all actions under correct object and will not give it new indexed name.
    It will define that object and operate with it.
    After, your script recorded - you can edit that
    repository as you want. You can rename the objects and variables to look the more readable and understandable. Just don't forget save your work after editing (with button "save" in the same RepositoryView) - QTP will not do that automatically. Advisable also: to save this Repository in different location then script itself, because if you rename your script, or copy them, or change in any way directory structure - you will loose Shared Repository or new script will not find it.
    So, keep in mind - QTP uses in this case Absolute path.


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    Re: multiple browser objects...

    thanks for the detailed answer....U helped me a lot.




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