Hi All,
My Application is Web Based Java Application.It has a menu(Webelement), which has four submenus(Webelement).
The hierarchy for menu and Submenu is different when I spy those Objects as

Browser->Page->Frame->Webelement(Menu) eg.File

Page->Webelement(Submenu) eg. Open

When I spy Menu I can get the unique Properties of Browser, Page, Frame and Webelement. So that I can click the Menu using Descriptive Programming.

Whereas When I Spy the Submenu, I can see only the Property of Webelement(Submenu) alone and Page does not have a unique Property.

So I am unable to use Descriptive Programming, instead I am dependent on Object Repository for the Page alone(Which is the Parent of Submenu Webelement)

Note That this page has no unique Property which says that it is different from the page which I get when I spy the Menu(eg File) item.

I am in need of some solution to identify the Page(parent of Submenu) in order to use descriptive Approach Completely.

If anybody has come across this type of Problem, kindly help me out. I suppose that some patch should be required, but I am not sure about that.

Thanks in Advance