I'm trying to enter a formatted date into a JavaList that's located in a JavaTable. The way I've been doing this step isn't working for this object. This is the code that I usually do for this:

Set startSchd=JavaWindow("TIMD402 - PERSONNEL").JavaList("Welder Symbol:").CreateObject("java.util.Date",G,H,I)
JavaWindow("TIMD402 - PERSONNEL").JavaList("Welder Symbol:").Object.setValue startSchd

I set that up from this statement that's recorded:

JavaWindow("TIMD402 - PERSONNEL").JavaList("Welder Symbol:").Select "01/01/01"

But I'm getting an Object not in OR for the JavaList("Welder Symbol:") object. When I use Object spy to look at the object, it's listed under the JavaTable("Resource Code:").

Do I need to include the JavaTable in the step for entering the date? Such as...

Set startSchd=JavaWindow("TIMD402 - PERSONNEL"). JavaTable("Resource Code:"). JavaList("Welder Symbol:").CreateObject("java.util.Date",G,H,I)
JavaWindow("TIMD402 - PERSONNEL"). JavaTable("Resource Code:"). JavaList("Welder Symbol:").Object.setValue startSchd

Or is there some other way to do this. I tired using MethodWizard() in expert view to list the methods avaliable for the JavaList object, QTP still won't recognize the Welder List: object to do that.

Anyone have any suggestions or is there more information you need to come up with an answer? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance