Hi, there, I am using QuictTest Professional to work on a project, and in this project, the some output files are SVG ones, and I want to catch the SVG elements (shapes and texts, static or animated) and use checkpoint to check their properties. The problem is that QT can't recognize SVG elements. It only recognize the SVG -file- as a whole, and won't go deep.

I tried Browser("Browswer").Page("Page").WebElement("id:=a n_obj_id","...") but QT says no match of such description was found, even though I tried to enlist all attributes of the SVG elements (width, height, style...). I also tried "html tag:= rect(or ellipse, or...)" and that failed, too.

So it seems that the current version of QT just can't recognize SVG -elements-, those the QT readme says that starting from 6.5, QT supports SVG.

But I just don't want to give up yet. I wonder if anyone there has a way to make QT recognize SVG elements, and can share your experience with me? Thank you in advance.