My website has a query application built into it. The user can submit a query using up to 8 search criteria. I have a QTP script for each search criteria. For example, one of the criteria is Location. There are 6 options the user can select in the Location drop down menu. In my script, the Location is parameterized. Without a checkpoint in the script, it successfully iterates 6 times, each time submitting a query for each Location in the drop down menu.

When I add a checkpoint on the Query Results page (to verify the correct Location is displayed), the script fails starting with the second iteration. Here is how I created the checkpoint.

I recorded one complete iteration, selecting Location A as the only search criteria for the query. On the Query Results page, there are 20+ records with Location A. I right clicked on the first one, selected Insert Standard Checkpoint, then selected Web Table. This displays a grid of the entire table. The first row in the grid lists all the column headers. The Location column is the 2d column and all cells underneath it have Location A as their value. I unchecked all the cells in the table and then put a blue checkmark in cell 2,2. In the Expected Data section for cell 2,2, I made it a parameter in the Local Action sheet. In the datatable, I entered Location A, Location B, and so on.

The error message I get on the 2d iteration is Checkpoint Timeout. I have it set to 30 seconds. When the query is submitted, the Query Results page displays (Location B displayed for all records) in less than 3 seconds so no idea why there is a timeout error. I have the checkpoint parameterized to look for Location B in the second iteration, the page displays, but it still fails the checkpoint.

Any assistance is appreciated.