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    Active screen in QT


    When I record a test, even though my setting is set to Complete for "Active Screen" capture in Tools > Options,

    Why is the Active Screen blank for some recorded panels and the test run sometimes fails?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Active screen in QT

    Run script in update mode - it refreshes all objects in the Repository.
    Also, check the Repository itself - there might be a lot of objects, left there from previous recording or changes, made in the script during the process of creation.
    If it still fail - try to correct them manually, with the help of ObjectSpy.

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    Re: Active screen in QT

    You can also manually update individual screens for individual steps without going throught the entire business process. I am not at my machine right now, but I believe you will find this under the Test or Tools menu, it will say "Update Active Screen"

    Good Luck

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    Re: Active screen in QT

    I believe QTP won't record (or doesn't record correctly) all active screens. I've noticed this on some screens that involve mouseovers, standard menus, or right-click menus.

    To fix your script you should try the previous suggestions of using QTP's Update Script function. If that doesn't work you will have to manually debug your script.

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    Re: Active screen in QT

    Chopperdog is right. Open the application to the place you want, and highlight the event that needs updating. Go to Tools -> Change Active screen. The pointing hand mechanism will be shown and as long as you have the application open at the point you want you can just click your application and update the screen.

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    Re: Active screen in QT

    I have the same problem. Using update run can recover some active screen but not all of it. For some special screen, you have to record again.



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