I found some posts here from people transitioning from WinRunner to QTP. I am (or was) planning to do a proof of concept with QTP, but from what I've read I'm beginning to believe it will be in vain. I have identified what I have found to be deficiencies with WinRunner in regards to web. However it looks as though QTP has it's own flavor of issues and deficiencies... well, some seem to be exactly the same flavor.

I have put together a fairly solid framework over the last couple years with WinRunner building reusable function libraries, test wrappers, coding and test construction conventions, etc. My number one requirement for even considering QTP was the ability to include the existing WinRunner framework in QTP script development. Sure, you can call existing WinRunner tests and functions from QTP, but these two notes from the QTP User's Guide stopped me in my tracks:

page 811 - "Note: You cannot run WinRunner tests on Web pages (using WinRunner's WebTest Add-in) from QuickTest if the QuickTest Web Add-in is loaded."

page 816 - "Note: You cannot retrieve the values returned by the WinRunner function in your QuickTest test. However, you can view the returned value in the test results."

How on earth does Mercury think they are going to convince user's like me move to QTP? Those two "Notes" are simply non-negotiable issues. I would love to tuck another tool under my belt for experience sake, but I cannot fathom any return on investment in switching tools.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.