Hello, I am new to software testing, but i am tying to do the following.

I currently have a client software (win xp) and i do not have access to the source code.

In this software there is a text box.
-Text box is scrolling with info coninuously being addded (like irc)

-You can highlight text box with mouse, copy paste, all stand windoews text box options.

I want to read this info into my java program that i have created. Ideally i would stream, or pipe this info directly from my java software. I do not believe this is possible. It has been suggested to me that i should use an autimated testing tool such as quiktest, to read in the data from the client and then to stream it to my java program / a file. We currently have quicktest at work and i can get access to this, but is there a simpler solution? How do i solve with quicktest? I am just trying to get steered in the right direction as far as what software is hould use for this problem.

I work for a large company and we have access to almost all software. Its just the manuals look huge and i dont want to read a whole book just to figure out its not right for me. Any advice, is appreciated!

I have no experience with quicktest, and only a basics class from my uni days regarding testing in general. So as detailed and as remedial as advice can be the better.


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