I am automating a SAP client.That client can be accessed if I access a Logon pad which lists all the clients available for the SAP.I have to click on the client I need and this is how I get the access to the application.In case I set the client option is Record and Run setting, the client is automatically invoked.

Now,I ahve to do some security testing for User authentication on the application.Each time I login, Ic heck for the rights of the particular user and than I have to logoff and login as another user.But once I logoff, the sAP client is not automatically invoked and my script fails there.Unfortunately, QTP is not recognizing teh Logonpad,through which I can access the client by clicking on it.

There is no .exe for the client also.Is there a way to close the application and than run it again or to make QTP recognize objects.Basically it is taking the whole logon pad as a SystemListView32, which is a standard windows object and not a SAP object.

Please let me know if someone can guide me through.