I am using Descriptive Programming and everytime the code is executed on a certain page to click on a link (example 3 below) it fails with the error message "Cannot identify the object "link" (of class Link). Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application."
When the same link is clicked from a different page it is ok (example 1 below), and if some other link is clicked on the page it errors out that also works (example 2 below). So I have eliminated that it is not the link or the page that is the problem.

1) browser("title:=test: Business Services").page("title:=test: Business Services").link("name:=- Directions").click
- clicks on the link where the problem occurs from a different page

2)browser("title:=test: Product Details > A101").page("title:=test: Product Details > A101").link("name:=Shopping Cart").click
- clicks on a link on the page where the problem occurs

Problem code
3)browser("title:=test: Product Details > A101").page("title:=test: Product Details > A101").link("name:=- Directions").click