We've been working with Mercury for over 3 weeks on this issue and have had no luck. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Background: We're using AQT Build 1172, & TestDirector 8.0 SP1.

1. I record a script (It doesn't matter what the content of the script is, it can be as simple as opening a web page and selecting text, or selecting any control) and rename the action, and check the "Reusable Action" check box from the Action Properties - General tab.

2. The test with the reusable action is saved in our TD project.

3. A new test is opened.

4. I perform the Insert --> Call to Action --> and browse to the test I had just saved.

5. When I select the test it tells me that "This test does not contain any reusable actions".

6. I reverified that the first test indeed has the check box checked to make the action reusable.

When I perform the same steps above and save the reusable action on my local file system, AQT is able to pull in the call to the action.

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.