Before anyone says I should put this in the TD forum, I am going to, right after I put it here. Just not sure which one fits better. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Anyway, I am having problems getting a new install of QTP to connect to an established TD Server. Situation:

I already had QTP installed on the PC on my desk so I could record tests, etc., there. The TD server is on another subnet, but in the same domain. I had (and have) no problems connecting to the TD server in QTP.

The second QTP system (my formal test bed, and the new install) is on the same subnet as the TD server, and in the same domain. I can connect to the TD server from the TD interface through IE on the second system, but I can't get QTP to connect correctly. It keeps giving me the "The RPC server is unavailable." error message. Remember, I can still connect from my personal system through QTP, and I have more than enough licenses for QTP and TD to cover these 2 boxes. I have tried the connection using IP, short name, and fully qualified paths, but they all do the same. QTP acts like it connects, but it can't generate a list of projects, and gives the RPC error.

Any help would be appreciated.

TD 8.0 all patches and add-ins installed.
QTP 6.0 all patches and add-ins installed.