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    empty cell in a table?

    I have a field in the table which displays a static value..let say ($30-$40).

    I just want to make sure if that cell is empty or not? Is there any way to do that?


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    Re: empty cell in a table?

    Hi Prakash,

    Put the checkpoint on the cell and edit the value to empty and save. If checkpoint fails means its not empty and if passes means its empty.


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    Re: empty cell in a table?

    You can retrieve the value and verify, I mean you does't want to empty it right, you just want to check whether the cell is empty

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    Re: empty cell in a table?

    I can't have checkpoint as that page changes frequently depending on other inputs. The method i am looking for shuld be general for any table.

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    Re: empty cell in a table?

    Use GetCellData method, like
    If WebTable(...).GetCellData(i, j) = "" Then
    ' Report error
    End If



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