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    need to get this solved as soon as possible......

    Please help me out with following as soon as possible....

    There is a webpage. There are lot of tables out there in that page.In some of those tables there is a column, say "price". I need to verify the contents of that column that whether price is actually present in each cell of that column.I can't use page checkpoint for that column as this page is dynamic and sometimes there may be more cells on that table and sometimes less. It solely depends on how u reach to that page. Also, that column is not present on all the tables. I just need to check whereever that column is present.

    I will really appreciate any help as soon as possible.


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    Re: need to get this solved as soon as possible......


    I actually didn't get you, but i can guess upto certain extent. I think u are trying to locate a column on every table on your page. For this first learn all tables on your page and use 'WebTable' operations to get the desired column.


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    Re: need to get this solved as soon as possible......

    Hi Prakash,
    I think this would give idea for your further steps.

    1)use getCellData(row,col) to get the data from a particular cell. keeping col as constant iterate the row value,to get all prices,check whether its greater than zero or not ....continue .........

    Prasanna -



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