I use Quick Test 6.0 in conjunction with Test Director 7.6. This was set up by selecting Tools/Test Director Connection.

I then entered all of my network info such as domain, username, password, etc. I have the "Reconnect at Startup" and "Save Password for reconnection at Startup" checkboxes checked.

I use TD 7.6 to create my test cases in the Test Plan/Design Steps section. Once the test case is complete, I select the Generate Script button and select the Quicktest option. I then select the Test Script tab. On this page is a Launch button. When you select this button, it launches Quicktest so you can start recording an automated test script for the test case you just created.

Now here is the problem. When I select the Launch button, the first thing that pops up is a IIS Authentication dialog that contains fields for you to enter your username and password info. The fields are autofilled with my username and password. When I select the OK button, Quicktest will not launch. Instead, it treats it as a failed log on attempt. I have to clear out the password info and retype it in. This is a minor annoyance but something I would like to avoid having to do every time I create a script. When I boot up my system, I have to enter my username and password to login to the network. I have to login to Test Director with the same username and password when I launch it as well. Since I have already entered my username and password info twice, seems like there should be a way to avoid having to enter it a third time. Does anyone know of any configuration setting that will allow me to bypass the IIS Authentication dialog?

Another related problem occurs after a Quicktest script has finished running. Once the script is complete, Quicktest attempts to open up Test Results in a new window. However, before this window can successfully open, the IIS Authentication window pops up again. I have to enter my username and password info a fourth time in order to see the test results.

Thanks in advance for any tips.