There are other posts on this board about the situation where you delete a called action and thereafter get a warning that indicates that the "...script contains a reference to a called action that is no longer available...".

The following information was provided by our reseller's QTP expert. We found it very helpful, and perhaps you will to if you encounter this 6.0 problem.

-fyi, Terry Horwath

Warning: "This test calls one or more actions that were not found. Running the test with calls to these actions will cause the test to fail. You should delete all references to these actions before running the test."

This message appears when opening a test that once contained calls to Actions. The calls have been deleted, but QuickTest Professional still appears to pick up the calls.

Diagnosis: The problem here is that the calls to these Actions were indeed deleted but the test still contains a reference to them. When deleting a call to an Action, the user can either select "Delete the selected call to the Action" or "Delete the action and its calls from this test." If the user selects "Delete the selected call to the action," which is the default, then only the call is deleted.

The test is still referencing the action and will try to load each time it is opened.

Solution: Delete any references to the deleted Action

Currently there is no way to delete a reference to a non-called Action that is missing. This is a known defect and the [Mercury QTP] development team is aware of it.

The work-around:

1. Open the test that is causing the problem and note the paths to the called Actions in the warning message.

2. Go to Insert -> Call to Action and navigate to the test that contained the Actions that are missing. The path that you navigate to must be the same as the path that was displayed in warning message when you initially opened the test.

3. Insert the Actions to the open test.

4. Select the inserted Action and go to Edit -> Delete. At this point you should see the Window "Delete Action," select "Delete the action and its calls from this test."

5. Save the test and reopen it--You should not see the warning message.

If the tests that containing the called Action no longer exists, then create a temporary test with the same Action(s) and save them in the same directory structure as was shown in the warning message when opening the test--then follow the above workaround steps.
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