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    Change URL in Quicktest PRO

    We have different environments like QA,staging & production.I recorded the scripts for QA and I want to use the same for other environments also.Only thing I need to change is the URL and login id's & password.

    Any suggestion or solution will be appreciated.


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    Re: Change URL in Quicktest PRO

    You can a regular expression for the URL.

    For the login id's you can make them seperate actions or use a conditional statement.

    Note: There are some issues with regular expressions and the object repository.

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    Re: Change URL in Quicktest PRO

    If I understand you correctly, your first step should probably be setting up an Environment variable to change where you run the tests. If you go to Test -> Settings -> Environment and select User-Defined, you can create a variable that defines the URL. Then, export the list of variables to a .ini file and click the "Load variables" checkbox to load the variables from that file. Change the .ini file whenever you need to change the URL.

    And for the id's and password you probably want to supply them from a datatable. Parameterize the username and password fields to look in the data table, and then fill in the data table with the names you want for that server.

    These are the first basic steps, how much if it have you already done?

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    Re: Change URL in Quicktest PRO

    you can change the following files globally by using any text editor.


    In QT, *.mts file conains the recorded script and *.inf file contains all the references. So, if you change the URL in both the files then, it'll be alright to run on changed environment.
    -> Sundar <-

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    Re: Change URL in Quicktest PRO

    Would like to know where is this .inf located ,will this be a seperate file for all the test script, I tried doing a search in my machine but could located the .inf file containing the URL which is used to record



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