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    Java Application

    I'm working with a Java Application. This application works with a DataBase. Well, my problem is when te application waits to charge de data of the database. QTPro executes the instructions and the application is waiting for response. The test stops because it doesn't find the boxes and buttons. I increment the Time-Out and I put loops waiting for the new screen. It's a possible solution, but it doesn't work always. Do you know other possible solution?? Thank you


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    Re: Java Application

    You can write your own synchronization function and use it whenever you need a long synchronization.

    Function MySync (Obj, Timeout)

    Start = Timer
    if Obj.Exist Then
    MySync = 0 ' Return success
    Exit function
    End If
    wait 1
    Loop While (Timer - Start) < Timeout

    MySync = -1 ' Return failure

    End Function

    ' Usage
    Set MyObj = JavaWindow("Elements").JavaTree("Elements that")
    MsgBox MySync(MyObj, 200)


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    Re: Java Application

    Thank you JavaRunner, I was working with loops with problems, but now we're working with your function and it solves a lot of problems.

    We've got other problem. We have own tables that are composed by components. When I record by QT-Pro in this tables, QT-Pro read the actions, but when we want to reproduce the actions, QT-Pro show a not identified error. If somebody had a similar problem and have the solution i'll thank his answer. I talked with Mercury Company, but for the moment, we haven't the answer.




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