I need to click on a particular cell in the farpoint grid. I am able to do this by x,y co-ordinates only. Is there any way by which I can click on the cell by cell row,column values?
The grid is being recognized as SwfObject. I have enabled the add-ins- .Net, ActiveX and WPF.
P.S - By clicking I do not mean Activate a cell, I mean to simulate Left Click Mouse operation.

I can perform operations like get value and set value on a cell but am unable to click on a cell.
To get value I am using the code--

Set a= SwfWindow("Myapp").SwfObject("FpGrid").Object.Acti veSheet
a.SetActiveCell 3,3
val = a.ActiveCell.value

Can anyone suggest a code to click on a cell in the same grid?
Also, please suggest in case I require any other add-in.