Hi Experts..I have an excel sheet containing 10 records. I import that in run-time Global datatable. Now using For loop from 1 to 100, I am picking some data from each row using Datatable.SetCurrentRow i, which work well as expected.

As any row in runtime datatable sets using SetCurrentRow, that row highlights at runtime in runtime datatable. But when the current row is out of visible window of runtime datatable, it is not visibly highlighted (however I can know the current row by seeing top left runtime datatable border cell). So, I want that somehow runtime datatable keep on scrolling to show the current active row visible.

I am experienced UFT user with more than 12 yrs UFT exp, so I have played with AOM and googled net for this, with no success. I believe, it require some customization of UFT components or to tweek some registery values etc, just guessing. Can any expert please help me here?? Any idea or resource plz.

In other sense, can we customise the UFT design anyhow.