My client has decided instead of using an existing RFT automation and using the better parts of it - he has decided to go back to base 1.

He want s to start from scratch using the BPT framework and automating with UFT via ALM as in the furture he is getting SAP (like 6 months) and he wants to be readt for it via BPT but still needs his non SAP apps automated now. He is looking to use LeanFT via ALM for perhaps his Web apps but just wants to work with UFT to get the whole workflow and framework going.

Can anyone advise me on how to plan this? I am trying to come up with a workflow but as yet cannot decide what is Step 1 (other than install the software). The initial AUT is an existing one in RFT to get some parallel testing done so that we know we can run the regression tests consurrently and get the same results.

Anyone have any ideas on things to consider etc?