Hi ,

I need to compare two different xml's using QTP and if there are differences in values then i want them to be saved in an Excel file.

The code i am using right now is
Set objxml1 = XMLUtil.CreateXMLFromFile("C:\Users\sgupta64\Deskt op\NF\vms_dat1016687060_POSTADJ_CLAIM.XML")
Set objxml2 = XMLUtil.CreateXMLFromFile("C:\Users\sgupta64\Deskt op\NF\vms_dat1016687063_POSTADJ_CLAIM.XML")

' Comparing the two xml files and setting the value either 1 or 0 to the variable

Result = objXML1.compare(objXML2, objResultsXML)

If Result = 1 Then
Msgbox "XML Files Match"
objResultsXML.savefile ("C:\Users\sgupta64\Desktop\results.xml")
Msgbox "XML Files do not match"
objResultsXML.savefile ("C:\Users\sgupta64\Desktop\results.xml")
End If

The code above is giving me an Results.xml file which is displaying nodes with match and mismatch info.
I want the information to be saved in an excel rather than in an XML.
Any help would be highly appreciated.