Let me first list two problems that I am facing.

My UFT version is 12.02

Issue 1 - IE 11 - Parameterization fails. For some reason, UFT script that I created, inserts parameter value (UserName) in User Name field just for a fraction of a second i.e just link a blink of an eye. While the same code works very well in Chrome 48

Issue 2 - Chrome 48 - As a continuation of Issue 1, when I tried in Chrome 48, script inserts User Name and password successfully. Although, it does not encrypt the password for some reason even though I am using SetSecure method. After clicking on Sign in button, application does NOT identify the user and throw error message about invalid user name or password.
Note - Same user name and password work absolutely well when entered manually in Chrome 48

Are you guys aware of these problems and do you know if HP has released any patches for such issues?

If yes, if you can provide me link and detail of patch/es, that would of great help.

Thank you.