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    UFT to recognize Toolbar and menu items in VC++ application

    We are using HP-UFT 11.5 to test an MFC (Visual Studio 6.0 C++) application.

    I am facing the problem that when for example, I click in the main menu "file" and then "properties" QTP recognizes only the file dropdown as one object. The different items it does not recognize and when I run the test, it would click simply in the middle of the dropdown.

    The same problem is with the toolbar. It is recognized as one object, clicks to the different buttons don't do anything.

    The dropdown menu is recognized as an "XTPPopupBar" and the toolbar as an "XTPToolbar".
    Can you suggest a workaround?

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    Have you checked the Product Availability Matrix to verify your application is supported by v11.5?

    Mark Smith.



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