I am running into issue where I am not able to getting blank value back when I tried to get the color back or sometime I get 1. I am able to click on the checkbox In the Row but not able to get the color.

Set oGridMain = Browser("name:=Browser").Page("title:=.*").WebElem ent("html id:=Test","html tag:=DIV")
Set oGridTable = oGridMain.WebTable("html tag:=TABLE","name:=Records")

Set tblWebRow =oGridTable.ChildItem(vRows,1,"WebCheckBox",0)
tblWebRow.Set "ON"

aa = tblWebRow.Object.currentStyle.backgroundColor
print aa

Following is a html that is in that cell where background color is shown.

<td class="do-not-save gridCheckbox asset-dataitem" style="text-align: center; background-color: rgb(255, 0, 255);" data-aaid="144294" data-le="1" data-hasrcstatus="0" data-productid="630">

I also tried following but not luck:
Set oGridInbMain2 = Browser("name:=Browser").Page("title:=.*").WebElem ent("class:=do-not-save gridCheckbox asset-dataitem","html tag:=TD")
Set oGridTable2 = oGridInbMain2.WebTable("html tag:=TABLE","name:=Records")
Msgbox oGridInbMain2.Object.currentStyle.backgroundColor

Msgbox does not even come up for this scenario, and out put of print is blank value.