Hello Folks,

Our Team is trying to execute TestCases on a VM in Minimized session using Remote Desktop. The moment we minimize VM, QTP Test Cases start getting failed because if you minimize your display, then remove machine knows that it doesn't have a display and ignores any questions about control locations and requests to move the mouse. We did some analysis on this and find out few ways but still asking you folks. Please guide us and share knowledge what could be the best way to execute TC in minimized session.

1. Make changes in Registry and assign value RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized. (I heard that this does not work when the computer is locked) and on the other way sometimes we do not have admin rights so can not make changes.

2. Few guys suggested it happens because difference between the two setups is the size of the screen, the laptop is 1920x1280, other machine 1280x1024. I connect to the VM for QTP using remote desktop, and it uses the settings of the screen for the laptop. This means that when I launch my QTP script, and move it to the other screen, it doesn't fit, so the screen is no longer maximized, and the object is partially off screen, so can't be found.

3. Use applications like VNC to connect to VM rather than using RDP. have heard this app works in minimized session too.

Kindly share your knowledge/experience here.