hi All,

I am working on a specific script and now stuck at a point where I Need help to proceed.


I am running UFT on my laptop which opens a web based application. I am connecting that laptop to a touchscreen Monitor where users are expected to navigate through that applcation by using hand touch and not by mouse clicks. I want to keep the session running for 10 mins if there is no activity on the screen (i.e. no one touching the screen to go to a different location/view or zoom in/out etc) and after that I am supposed to show a message on screen briefly and then change the screen and go to next page.


How do I make UFT understand that someone is doing some activity on the screen (without the mouse clicks) and accordingly change or dont change the view?
When I recorded my touch activities; UFT recognised that as clicks but I am stuck as to how do I make it working on a bigger scale.

please help me by giving any pointers if you can.