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    UFT do not show Seat license Installation option on Windows EC2

    Hello Friends,

    We are trying to install trial version of UFT on Windows Server 2012 EC2 i.e. Amazon EC2. After Installing UFT successfully we are only getting the concurrent license installation window by default and not the seat license option. Due to this we are not able to use UFT on the machine. We tried installing all the versions of UFT i.e. 11.5, 12.2 but same case is being faced with all the versions.

    Kindly help / suggest any possible work around to install seat license of UFT on EC2 for trial period.

    Shalabh Dixit
    <font color="brown">SHALABH DIXIT</font>

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    Seat licensing is not supported for systems that can host multiple sessions, such as Windows Server operating systems and Citrix environments. That is stated in the Product Availability Matrix that comes with the product.

    For the trial period you will have to install the product on a workstation OS type of system.
    Trudy C
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    Thank you Trudy..!!
    <font color="brown">SHALABH DIXIT</font>



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