I have a situation when a button is being enabled only if i type the keys in.but when the qtp set the value the button is not being enabled.so i want to hit enter after setting the value in webedit. i tried send keys but it hitting enter on the page not in the webedit form .

Please help.

here is my script:

Browser("Evolv-CS | Ver: 9.0.6975").Page("Evolv-CS | Ver: 9.0.6975").Image("Client - Client Management").Click
Browser("Evolv-CS | Ver: 9.0.6975").Page("Evolv-CS | Ver: 9.0.6975").Frame("app_top").Link("Select Client").Click
Browser("Evolv-CS | Ver: 9.0.6975").Window("Clients -- Webpage Dialog").Page("Clients").WebEdit("last_name").Set "manda"
'recording enter button to enable Search button
Browser("Evolv-CS | Ver: 9.0.6975").Page("Clients").Frame("app_top").WebEdi t("last_name").Activate

After type " last name" , Search button should enable , but QTP is not enabling Search button. If I hit enter button on keyboard manually then Search button is enabling.

Please help me on this issue.