I've created a user function to override the Check function

My Check in the Object Repository is named "CheckUserName"
It has several properties, but only "Value" is selected and parameterized to the datatable

(Pseudo code)
Function MyCheck(obj, chck)

    print chck.GetTOProperty("Value") 'John -> the actual value in the datatable
    print chck.GetTOProperty("TestObjName") 'CheckUserName
    print chck.GetTOProperty("micclass") 'VerifyObj
    print chck.GetTOProperty("prompt") 'Username -> this was not selected in the list of items to check for

    Dim props
    Set props =  chck.GetTOProperties 'Object does not support this

    'If selected value is something, then do something

    MyCheck = obj.Check(chck)

End Function

RegisterUserFunc "OracleTextField", "Check", "MyCheck"

OracleFormWindow("Main").OracleTextField("UserName").Check CheckPoint("CheckUserName")
Does anyone have any more information on the VerifyObj?
I want to check the SELECTED item for a certain value before i execute the check