Hi All,

I am currently testing the application with UFT 12.01
Application: Siebel Open UI Standard
IE: 9
Addin: Web 2.0 -- Siebel Open UI.

In the AUT able to identify the following objects
1. SblOUITabStrip
2. SblOUITable
But the Properities are able to access. However the methods are not accesable. It giving runtime error. Unknown method.

Property Working fine
Rowcount = Browser("SYS").Page("SYS").SblOUITable("SblOUITabl e").GetROProperty("row_count")

Methods are not working
Browser("SYS").Page("SYS").SblOUITable("SblOUITabl e").GetCellData(2,2) -- Error

URL: https://xxx/start.swe?SWECmd=AutoOn

Any help much appreciated.