Hi All,

The issue is when we are extracting a file from SAP the file needs to be saved in the local desktop . So there is a SAP Window Pop Up "Save Template to" which is not recognized by QTP with SAP Addin. QTP is showing pop msg.

Added screen shots for reference.

I raised ticket to HP service desk, they given solution that we need to disable the SAP add-in and to do object spy. I tried like that and its recognizing as windows object. My concern is that if I disable SAP add-in then how could I run script for SAP application.

Kindly suggest me a solution how to handle this.

Product version: 11.00
Product build: 1018
Operating system:
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)


[IMG]C:\Users\grandhir\Documents\QTP\Hang Issue_11_2014[/IMG]