Issue - On Windows 7 based systems, eventually, QTP 11 will "hang" (not crash) during script execution.

I can reproduce the issue across multiple types of scripts (Mainframe, Web, Client-Server,etc). The behavior is that when ALM opens a script, then it shows downloading, then the bottom right side of qtp. It just sits at "Opening" until the timeout limit is reached (currently 5 minutes in our environment).

I can forcefully kill is by send CTL-ALT-DEL to get the OS attention, select Reboot, then Cancel the Reboot to get access to the OS again.

This issue is reproducible on VMs (Vmware sessions) - but there is no pattern to it. Sometimes it's on the 1st script, sometimes after 10 scripts. I have also set the Agent to close QTP after 5 iterations, so QTP isn't having memory leaks..

A Reboot on the VM side doesn't do anythting.

Anybody else face this? Ideas?