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    Conversion of HTML to XML/Excel

    Hello Experts,

    My requirement is to convert the HTML file into XML/Excel,

    I have a difference file which is in HTML file, generated through Beyond Compare API, now I want to read these differences, so i thought of converting the HTML to either in XML or Excel Or Text file.

    Please can someone suggest anything on this ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm far from a expert on this but I see there are no responses. Let me be a catalyst here and throw in some ideas. Maybe it will start some chatter.

    Can you import the html into a Word File? Save as XML. Not even sure if there is such as thing.

    If you know the pattern of the html, could you use XMLUTIL or another XML read/Write object and create XML?



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    Excel has an import function for web pages. I think it would depend on what the HTML looks like, how useful that would be. You should be able to handle it through Excel Automation.
    Dennis Belew

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    Thanks Kevin and belewda...

    I am sorry for responding so late....Well I found the solution on that....

    i.e. When I am generating the difference file through BC API, I generated that file in XML instead of HTML,Now I am easily reading those XML values by creating XML DOM.

    Thanks again to both of you...



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