I installed the latest version of UFT (12.0). I was under the impression that UFT 12.0 should have no compatibility issues with IE 11. After we installed UFT 12.0, we ran our existing scripts using IE 10. Everything ran fine. We then upgraded to IE 11. Things were not so fine. Did not find some objects, missed filling in fields, bomb on descriptive programming statements. We downgraded to IE 10 and everything works well again. Iím not ready to blame it on a UFT 12/IE 11 compatibility issue as I could have a wrong setting, but if thatís the case, I am stumped as to what it might be. Is there any special setting I should be aware of to make the two compatible? I had no UFT 12.0 installation issues. It only changes when we upgrade to IE 11. We need to run our environment in IE 11, so any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.