Hi All,
We are facing some serious issue of Object Synchronization and identification with one of Flex Product.
Object Identification:
1. We can identify objects on some of the flexpanels, but for few panels same objects are not identified.
2. Mostly Objects like Tabs,Buttons are not identified.
3. Flex GRID objects and rows in that.

Object Synchronization:
After every click or operation on any of the object (like button,combo,list), application goes in busy mode, or some of the

object property (index) changes.Which makes object identification difficult and fails the scripts.
When product goes in busy mode it doesnt display the busy icon displayed as in general Flex products, but gives a circulating wait symbol somewhere on the page (position is not always same) which is not identified by QTP.

Also there are only 2 unique identification properties for most of the objects which are "Automation Name" and "Automation Index"

Environment we are using is :-
QTP and Flex Add in Versions used are.
QTP-QTP11 Build 1018
Flex Add-In- Flex 4.5.0

Note:-Product is build with all Flex libraries required for QTP object identification.

Could you please let us know if you have faced any such issues and have any resolution for same.