Hello everybody,

has anybody integrated HP QTP11 with SAP Solution Manager 7.2?
I have created a QTP test in SAP Solution Manager that has some default parameters.

Now I can add different parameter sets in SAP Solution Manager test configuration and mark those for execution. When I start QTP test from SAP SolMan test configuration via transaction 'solar02' everything works fine. The parameter set selected for execution is passed to the QTP test and can be accessed in QTP via TestArgs("parametername").
However, when I start the same test from within a test package via SAP transaction 'stwb_work' (start a large number of test scripts) always the default parameter set is passed to QTP and not the one selected.

This is very annoying since I only want to create one QTP test and link the different test configurations in SAP to this single test, which is controlled via the parameters.

Please help, if anyone has come across this problem too.