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    HP Extensibility Accelerator Support

    I'm using QTP 11.0 on windows 8 with the web add-in while recording the new web application everything is going fine till I click on the jQuery controls, when I click on the jquery element/link to expand the underlying table the table wont show QTP doesn't recognize the jQuery.

    how do I use the accelerator to make code so that QTP11.0 will recognize this when I click on it.

    when I start to create the web add-in you name the test object class then select an icon file?
    I'm not sure that the tutorial within the accelerator really pertains to what I'm trying to accomplish with jQuery and I followed the tutorial and added the add-in but it didn't do anything so I'm sure I did it wrong because I just winged it.

    Do I need to use code from the source page or what.. im not finding any support on completing this task.

    Thanks all for your help

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