I am trying to solve 1 small issue and have been taking many hours but I could not.

I have these scripts :

Dim tree

strMenuItem = "Select Insurance Payor"
strTreeItem = "Insurance Payors"

set tree = Window("wndSMMaximizer").WinTreeView("adm_treeAdmi n")
tree.Select strTreeItem, micRightBtn

tree.WinMenu("ContextMenu").Select strMenuItem

I was able to pass this statement "tree.Select strTreeItem, micRightBtn" and it was able to right click on the tree and display the menu, "Select Insurance Payor"

Then, the next statement "tree.WinMenu("ContextMenu").Select strMenuItem" fails with the error, "Object is not visible"
It seems that object can not be selected and I could not find a way why it did not work.

Please help !