Has anyone worked on automation of Ext-JS (Java Script Extension) application with UFT 11.5?
If so, pls post the challenges you faced while automation.

I've decided to move to UFT11.5 and test Ext-JS applicatoin because I had some issues while doing automation with QTP 11.0.
1.When I did recording, there was no script generated in the QTP 11.0
2.When I spy the objects in the application, a frame is getting generated between Browser’s page and actual object. This frame’s property value is dynamic (i.e. if we open the application next time, the property value of the frame will change to the new value) and hence object is not able to identified by QTP when we run
3.I couldn't able to click on the particular row of a webtabel.
4.QTP is recognizing ComboBox as WebEdit and Image(the down arrow part) instead of a whole webcombobox.