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    Lightbulb QTP with Firefox: Unable to Identify Lookup Windows


    I have a scenario where I need to automate an application where I have a link on a page. Clicking on the link opens a popup window, where I need to select a value from a weblist, enter a value in webedit, click on search button and select the value displayed(which is a link).

    I have tried the below:

    Browser(...).Dialog(...).Type micTab

    But it not optimal. Do we have any other optimal solution for this? QTP by default identifies the lookup as 'Dialog'.

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    I had to install QTP 11 patches to get it to work with various versions of FF. I don't know if you are on 11.52 and if it requires patches for your version of FF.

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    Hi bklabel1,
    I have already installed QTP and Firefox patches. I am successfully able to identify the objects. The problem I am facing is I need to handle the objects under Firefox Dialog Window.
    QTP 11.0
    Firefox 17.0.4

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    Hi vinodfg,

    Confidentiality wont allow it. But I have a similar site.

    Go to Rediff.com - India, Business, Stock, Sports, Cricket, Entertainment, Bollywood, Music, Video and Breaking news, Rediffmail NG, Shopping and click on rediffmail link. Clicking on the link opens a new window (Identified as Dialog by QTP for firefox 17.0.4). I need to enter the username and password and click on login button.

    The problem I am facing is QTP is unable to identify any objects under Dialog Window. How can i handle this?

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    Hi vinodfg,

    Confidentiality wont allow it.



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