Hello ppl,

I have the following code which works at our development centre and the onshore but does not work on the vendor offshore machines. We are trying to click an image using this code.

Any help regarding what all do i need to check is greatly appreciated.

'Click the Downsort arrow to sort the task, so that the last task becomes tht first
Dim oDesc_Image 'Description Object
Dim colObject_Image 'Object Collection
Set oDesc_Image = Description.Create
oDesc_Image( "micclass" ).value = "WebTable"
oDesc_Image( "name" ).value = "downSortArrow"
oDesc_Image( "text" ).value = trim("Scheduled Date.*")
oDesc_Image( "outerhtml" ).value = "<TABLE border.*"
oDesc_Image( "text" ).regularExpression = True
oDesc_Image( "outerhtml" ).regularExpression = True
Set colObject_Image = pgIBMwebDPA.ChildObjects(oDesc_Image)
Set Image_Link=colObject_Image(i).ChildItem(1, 1, "Image", 0)

on the offshore machines, we get a 'general run error' on executing this code.