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    Request and Response does not appears in result

    Hello Experts,
    Iím struggling to understand the cause of Web Service failure. In the output result I donít see my request and response (I tried to attach screen shot but link is broken).

    I believe I should see both and maybe Iím missing any plug-in. Can please somebody tell me how I can resolve the issue and my request and response.
    Many thanks advance.

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    if you think its a plug in issue..did you try with http request protocol
    And what is the error , and you are using the webservice addin right?

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    Thanks for your input Vijay. I've notice I can make a call to WS and also in Test Result under Result Details Request and Response pane is empty. Any idea why I don't see my soap request and response?

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    If you can't see your request and response it suggests that the call itself is failing. Check you don't have an on error resume next somewhere that is masking the error. Failing that, post a code snippet and someone might spot something wrong. You might also need to post the WSDL.

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    Hi can you please refer below link for example

    Web Services and QTP ? Part 1: Testing Web Services Key Concepts | Learn QTP

    Try with the example and check out where you have been stuck up. If the example works then the problem is with either WSDL server or file or setting otherwise it's Plug-in.
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