Hello All,

I am naive to web services testing using QTP 11. So, I read few articles related to it and got to know the basic features of WS testing. I tried my hands on w3school's sample WSDL, was able to understand its functionality. Changed value in XML checkpoint and passed it.

Now it was the turn of testing my own WSDL. Using Web Services Wizard i got the below code:

' Set security options for the "GetActivity" Web service
WebService("GetActivityService").Security.SetNetwo rkCredential "", "", "" ' sensitive data so provided balnk here

' GetActivity Web service object steps
Set GetActivity = WebService("GetActivityService").GetActivity ("string (Autogenerated)","string (Autogenerated)","string (Autogenerated)")
WebService("GetActivityService").Check CheckPoint("GetActivity")

But when i executed the same code without making any change in the code and checkpoint, qtp threw the below error:

The GetActivity operation call failed.
The .NET Framework 1.1 WSE 2.0 toolkit returned the following error:
Exception from: System.Xml
The <html> tag from namespace is not expected. Line 1, position 2.

Line (6): "Set GetActivity = WebService("GetActivityService").GetActivity ("string (Autogenerated)","string (Autogenerated)","string (Autogenerated)")".

Can somebody please guide me how to carry the testing of Web Services. Any help/pointer is highly appreciated.