I am trying to send the pause break keystroke to an application.

I have tried low level recording and send keys with out success.
My current code is as below, but is failing with error
'object doesn't support this property or method 'objWindow.SendKey'

Set objCLAScreen=Window("Main").Window("Claim").WinObj ect("CLA")

Window("Main").Window("Claim).WinObject("ClA").Typ e "cla"
fnSendKey objCLAScreen, TE_Pause

Function fnSendKey(objWindow,keyValue)
If objWindow.Exist Then
objWindow.SendKey keyValue
Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, "fnSendKey"," Window does not exist in the screen"
End If
End Function

Any help please ?

I have looked throught the forum and can see similar issues but I'm not able to resolve.