I have QTP 11 code that looks similar to the pseudo code below. When I find a critical error inside of one of the 35 actions, I wish to break out of the action and then to to the next row of NumRows. I was thinking of using either a Global variable that acts as a success flag. In the case of a fail, there would be a line of code after each RunAction that says Exit For if the flag is equal to Fail.

Another Idea was to use ActionParameters and then check the value of the Parameter. This would require me to go into each Action and make the parameter. it seems cool to try it, but I don't see an advantage over using a Public variable declared in the .vbs library or environment variable.

Is there a better way to do what I am trying to do?

Get the number of rows in the external table
For 2 to NumRows.
  For InnerLoop = 1 To 1
      Collect the data from the excel sheet.
      Put data into global variables(about 7 or them)
      RunAction First, oneIteration
      RunAction Second, oneIteration
      RunAction Third, oneIteration
      RunAction ThirtyFive,oneIteration