Is anybody having issue running QTP on OWA 2013 or Office 365 (exchange 2013)? I have no problems at all running our automation against OWA 2007, OWA 2010, Google Calendar, and Office 365 (exchange 2010) but as soon as I try to run automation against OWA 2013 I run into issues.

In OWA 2013, QTP is able to recognize all objects just fine, but when I try to run the script, it runs painfully slow. For example, a very basic command like the one below will take over 3 minutes to execute.

Browser(“MyBrowser”).Page(“MyPage”).WebButton(“MyB utton”).Click

Then when I view the results, it says the script executed fine. No warnings, no failed messages, no smart identification messages, no nothing. If you look at the results, you’d think the script executed perfectly. Except that a 2 minute script is now taking over an hour to run.

I originally thought something changed with IE, but if I’m able to still run our OWA 2007, OWA 2010, and Google Calendar automation tests on the same machine, then it can’t be IE.

Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions?

I see the same results when using objects from a local repository, a shared repository, and even using descriptive programming. All run very very very slow, but no messages telling me why.